E-Commerce Design

A store that is always open is sure to draw in more customers and generate more orders. For business owners who would like to have a 365x24x7 store without the hassles of spending on additional infrastructure or manpower, e-commerce website design is a brilliant option. The major advantage of an e-commerce website is that your clients can go through the product portfolio and make purchases from the convenience of their offices and homes.

At MyNetHost, we help business owners with dynamic e-commerce web design in line with their requirements. What you get is an intricately designed virtual shop on the web displaying your product portfolio in a manner convenient for your visitors. Allowing them to purchase online through placing chosen products in a virtual shopping cart followed by online payment.

How we build e-commerce websites?

We are a renowned web design company in Australia specialising in a variety of web design and development solutions. Our e-commerce websites are based on your design requisites and ensure an attractive user interface with easy navigation. Once your site is built and becomes functional, we provide you with the login details. Our professionals are ready to offer you any kind of assistance required in operating your virtual store.

Depending upon your business need we use either of the following software packages to create your e-commerce store:

  • Magento- Community Edition: This is the latest of the three software packages used by us. It is an open source software wherein the core codes can be modified and new features and functionalities can be added through installation of extensions. Hence Magento provides a nice platform for development of innovative e-commerce sites. Try it here.
  • OS Commerce: OS commerce or open-source commerce is also an open source online store development software that is compatible on all PHP and MySQL installed web servers. Try it here.
  • Zencart: It is a highly user-friendly open source e-commerce software with a number of features, options and support. Try it here.

So, contact us and get experienced web designers to build you online stores that have an excellent look and feel and provide a comfortable platform for picking and purchasing your products.